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Work and create quickly and efficiently on all your capacitive devices with TouchTec® II.

The conductive soft rubber tip provides accurate and precise note taking, drawing, sketching or simply surfing with the TouchTec® II Stylus or Stylus Pen.

Stay in touch with T4 gloves while working or playing.

Touch, Text, Tweet, Type with T4 leather gloves. 

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" It’s a pen and touchscreen stylus in one!"

"Lightweight, thin profile."

2009 Technical Excellence Award

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  • not just a great stylus, but a great pen, too!

    Purchased: 9mm (Thick Twist) Black Stylus

    I have tried several of these with my iPad, and often felt that it was silly to carry a stylus. Even the ones with a pen on the other end didn't seem adequate, because I like a fine point pen. Voila! This solves both my problems, and is small to boot. I enjoy using it, and am grateful I found it.

    - B. Walker
  • best stylus out there !

    Purchased: 7mm (Thin Twist) Black Stylus

    This stylus is the best one out there. It works even better than my own fingers on my Droid. The refillable pen is a bonus. I love that there is no cap to lose and it's the perfect size. Thank you TouchTec!

    - BB Solutions
  • perfect stylus for ipad

    Purchased: 7mm (Thin Twist) Black Stylus

    I've been looking at these for a while, and finally decided to get one based on recommendations from other sites and reviews. And I'm glad I did. Since this is my first iPad stylus I can't compare it to anything, but I'm 100% happy about how it works. Using it feels just like a second nature, it's small comfortable and extremely responsive with iPad 2, I like to use it even more than just fingers. Great drawing tool as well!

    - SpaceSheep1
  • awesome stylus! A+++

    Purchased: 9mm (Thick Twist) Black Stylus

    It makes great contact and writes well (probably better than my Griffin stylus). However, for those who have the ZAGG Invisible Shield on an iPad2, the stylus makes a squeaking noise when used on the screen - only negative comment.

    - Kevin M-R.
  • The Best Stylus, Period!!!

    Purchased: 9mm (Thick Twist) Black Stylus

    I have been searching for a usable stylus for over a year and have tried at least 7 different brands with no luck. The TouchTec is not only usable, it works incredibly well. And, as a bonus, the ink pen is a great pen on its own. So, save yourself the headache of ordering and trying other brands - TouchTec is the way to go!

    - James K. Wall
    St. Petersburg, FL

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